#CredibleWomen discuss early education

More than one hundred #CredibleWomen and men discussed the urgent need for universal, high quality early learning and care today. "This is an opportunity to improve the lives of all Australians", said Georgie Dent.

The Parenthood's Executive Director Georgie Dent hosted the event and was joined by Sam Mostyn, the CEO of the Diversity Council, Lisa Annese and Women’s Agenda’s Editor Tarla Lambert. They discussed how child care policy has become top of the political agenda, the type of reform needed, what will happen next and how you can be part of the movement for change.

Sam Mostyn stressed that a non-partisan approach to early childhood education and care was needed and greeted the launch of the Thrive by Five campaign, headed by Jay Weatherill, in September (read more here: Thrive by Five campaign launch). "There are a number of structural issues at play when it comes to women's workforce participation and childcare is possibly the biggest."' said Tarla Lambert. She underlined that affordable and universal accessible early childhood education would be indeed a silver bullet for women as it would make it much easier for women to get back into the workforce. Lisa Annese spoke about the changing culture and shifting expectations of men. "Young men want to be more engaged with family lives. They want to take parental leave and spend more time with their children."

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