Every child has the right to early learning

Every child has the right to early learning

"I believe that every child has the right to early learning. I want my political leaders to commit to doing everything they can to make sure all kids have access to a minimum of two days of early learning a week."

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33 of 100 signatures

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Every child should be able to go to early learning, to be nurtured and taught.

We know that the most critical time in a child's development happens between the ages of 0 to five, and we know that kids flourish in quality childcare.

It might look like child's play, but early learning is a serious business. It helps lay the foundations for lifelong learning. It gives kids a boost before they start their formal education, and once they're at school kids who have had a good early learning experience go on to do great.

Not only that, but it's great for our community too. Early learning is linked to higher rates of high school completion, to full time employment in later life and to lower chances of involvement in the criminal justice system.

Every child has the right to early learning, but at the start of July 2018 the Federal Government cut subsidised early childhood education for kids whose parents don't meet the strict conditions of an activity test from 24 hours a week down to just 12.

Experts say that kids do best when they have access to at least two days of early learning each week. Unfortunately, 12 hours is just not enough. 

We are deeply concerned that the strict conditions of the Childcare Subsidy will mean kids don't get access to adequate early learning, and will therefore miss out on the benefits their peers will have had access too.

This is unfair. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. We can work together to push our political leaders to change things, to make sure each and every child can access two days of early learning. 

Start here, start now. Sign our call for two days of early learning a week for each and every kid and together we can tell our leaders that we want the best for all our children.