Junk food has no place in a 'balanced' lunchbox

2013 - We won! ALDI have agreed junk food has no place in a school lunchbox!

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Parents and CHOICE agree: chocolate muesli bars, chips and sugar-sweetened drinks are not part of a 'balanced' lunchbox

Most of us can relate to racing around the supermarket on autopilot, grabbing enough for school lunches and dinners, then getting out as soon as possible.

That's why ALDI's balanced lunchbox initiative is so appealing. With helpful in-store signage and a handy app that generates a menu and corresponding shopping list, it seems like a great way to help plan lunchbox menus that are healthy and the kids actually like.

Here's the problem: their 'balanced' menus include lots of unhealthy products. And it sends the wrong message to parents and kids when healthier products are promoted with the same 'balanced' lunchbox logo as chips, sugar-sweetened drinks and lollies in ALDI stores.

With one in four Aussie kids now overweight or obese and the rate of type-2 diabetes among young people growing rapidly, masking unhealthy, heavily processed snacks as part of a 'balanced' lunchbox sends the wrong message.