2017 Budget: stop the war on our kids!

2017 Budget: stop the war on our kids!

678 of 1,000 signatures

678 of 1,000 signatures

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The way we spend our money often shows what's really important to us. As parents, we're happy to go with less because we want to make sure our kids have what they need.

With preparations for the Federal Budget currently underway, it seems that our kids' futures aren't so high on the Turnbull government's priority list.

Parents (and by extension our kids) have already made sacrifices.

We thought we would have a gold standard Paid Parental Leave scheme, but that's been scrapped with 70,000 parents facing cuts to their PPL. The Coalition have also cut the school kids' bonus and there is no agreement for vital kindy funding beyond the end of the year. It has to stop.

This budget - we're fighting for:

- NO cuts to Paid Parental Leave

- NO retreat from kindy funding

We're not asking for more, but our kids can't settle for less. 

It's time to stop using the family budget to repair the national budget.