Big Tobacco - "Butt out" of our Schools

Big Tobacco -

Victorian Premier Andrews and Attorney-General Pakula don't allow British American Tobacco to get their hands our children's information.

755 of 1,000 signatures

755 of 1,000 signatures

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It was revealed on Thursday that multinational cigarette and tobacco company British American Tobacco have requested documents from the Victorian Government that contain studies of the attitudes of school aged children towards smoking.

Read the story here.

Big Tobacco companies have form on this issue. In the past, British American Tobacco have accessed documents under Freedom of Information on data collected by the NSW Cancer Council on the attitudes of adults towards smoking and in Britain in 2011 Philip Morris attempted to obtain information from university interviews of teenagers again on their attitudes towards smoking.

Why on earth would these tobacco companies want that kind of information?

The Director of the Victoria Cancer Council, Todd Harper reckons;

"If this information were to be used for commercial purposes, for instance to hone or localise tobacco or alcohol marketing and pricing strategies to appeal to the young, provision of such information would be highly detrimental to Victoria's children,"

We agree!

There is no place for tobacco companies in our schools and there is no place in our community for businesses that want to market these kind of products to our children.

It is completely wrong to attempt to market cigarettes to children and we call on The Victorian Government to put a stop to big Tobacco getting access to data on our kids!