It’s time to make button batteries child-proof!

It’s time to make button batteries child-proof!

Button batteries are a common household killer.

3,622 of 4,000 signatures

3,622 of 4,000 signatures

378 signatures required

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Update - May 2017

Those fidget toys are proving more than just distracting - some have LEDs powered by button batteries and they're so dangerous that the ACCC is recalling them. See the story here. If you have one of these 'Ace of Hearts' fidget spinners - please keep it out of reach of kids and return it and get a refund.

This highlights once again the danger that unsecured button batteries can pose. We're not being dramatic - if swallowed by small children, they can kill.


Button batteries (also known as disc or coin batteries) appear harmless, but if swallowed by children, can silently kill. 

Each week in Australia, 20 kids present to emergency departments for a button battery related incident.

Sadly, two young girls recently lost their lives as a result of button battery injuries.  

Currently, only toys designed for children under 3 years of age are required by law to have secured battery compartments. This means that many everyday household items - including car keys, baby thermometers and remotes - that contain button batteries have no mandatory safety standards. 

That’s why we’re calling on the government to act and introduce mandatory safety standards covering all items containing button batteries, including that:  

  • All button battery powered products must have a secure battery compartment
  • Button batteries of up to 32mm diameter must be sold in child-resistant packaging
  • For products supplied with a button battery, batteries must be secured within the battery compartment and not loose in the product packaging
  • Products that use or contain button batteries are to have clear and concise warnings, making the risk clear to consumers at point of purchase

Join our call. We want the next Minister responsible for consumer affairs to act quickly and introduce a mandatory safety standard. The risk is just too great - it’s time to make button batteries child-proof. 

For more information check out this great article by Kate Browne, Investigative Journalist with CHOICE.