Call Minister Tehan and stop the snapback!

Urgent, please call Education Minister Dan Tehan Today!


We’ve heard the Education Minister is going to announce a snap-back to the old childcare model on Friday 5th of June. 

He needs to hear from us urgently; a snap-back will be disastrous for families, educators and children. 

Can you please help call him now:

Phone number 

Electorate Office 03 5572 1100  OR Canberra Office 02 6277 7350

The best thing you can do is explain you're a parent and you're concerned about a snap back to the old system, then ask him (or ask his staff to pass on the message) to rethink a snap back and imagine something better.

Here are some further talking points - feel free to say you've seen these stats from the Parenthood:

  • The old model will not work in a post-COVID economy. 
  • Returning to full-fees will undermine the ECEC sector, the labour market and risk between 270,000-400,000 children losing access to early education and the quantifiable benefits that flow from it.
  • A national survey of 2,200 families using ECEC indicates that in 42% of families at least one parent has lost a job or is earning less as a result of COVID19, with 16% of respondents reporting both parents have seen income reduced. A third of parents (34%) report they will need to reduce days or remove their children altogether if out-of-pocket fees return.  
  • ECEC services are currently operating at 63% occupancy which is well below break-even point. Returning to fees risks a further 20-30% of children being withdrawn making mass closures and job losses inevitable.
  • The current crisis requires the Federal Government to redesign the way ECEC is funded and delivered.
  • Investing in ECEC is investing in Australia’s future. For every $1 spent on ECEC $2 of benefits flow according to a 2019 PWC report.
  • Reforming ECEC will boost Australia’s GDP through increased female workforce participation.
  • Instead of snapping back the government needs to continue with the rescue package with two key changes: 
    • Increase the percentage of capped fees being paid to services 
    • Ensure all ECEC educators and staff are eligible for JobKeeper. 


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