CCS Activity Test Info

The new Childcare Subsidy (CCS) is coming on July 2 and you'll need to register to receive it (even if you're already receiving CCR or CCB).

A huge part of your family's eligibility will be your (and your partner's, if you have one) ACTIVITY.

So what activity is eligible and how much subsidised care will it make you eligible for?

There are lots of ways you (and your partner, if you have one) can meet the activity test and you should be sure to include travel to and from activities in your estimation.

What's eligible?

  • paid work (including leave)
  • self-employment
  • unpaid work in the family business
  • training (for improving work skills or employment prospects)
  • an approved course of education or study (eg- TAFE or Uni)
  • volunteering (though not canteen duty or P&C - these are classed as 'parental duties')
  • actively looking for work
  • paid parental leave, including maternity leave (if your employer gives up to two years' unpaid parental leave, then you will be eligible for that whole time - we've checked this with Minister Birmingham's office)

How much activity is required?

Hours of activity per fortnight

Maximum number of hours of subsidy per child per fortnight

8 hours to 16 hours

36 hours

More than 16 hours to 48 hours

72 hours

More than 48 hours

100 hours

Activity hours can be accrued at any time (eg, nights and weekends) to give you access to subsidised care during the week. But if you're in a couple, BOTH PARTNERS have to meet the test.

So if you're working on the weekend and want your child to attend early learning during the week, these hours count. Make sure you also count your travel time.

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