CCS Starts SOON! Are you ready?

The new Childcare Subsidy will start on July 2 and if you don't register YOU WILL MISS OUT

What? We hear you ask. You already get CCR/CCB - they'll just switch you over, right?

WRONG! The new system will require a new registration either online through your myGov account or at your local Centrelink office.

REGISTER! On myGov - and DON'T UNDERESTIMATE your activity.

The new subsidy requires that you do at least eight hours of eligible activity per fortnight (to be eligible for 36 hours of subsidised care per fortnight). The activity includes travel to work or study and can be estimated over a three month period. We've put the info together for you. Read all about it here.

Your family's earnings affect your amount of subsidy too.

Combined family income

Subsidy rate*

Up to $66,958


Over $66,958  to under $171,958

Gradually reducing to 50%

$171,958  to under $251,248


$251,248  to under $341,248

Gradually reducing to 20%

$341,248  to under $351,248


$351,248  or more


* The subsidy rate is of the actual fee charged or the maximum hourly rate cap (whichever is lower).

And there's the rub - 'maximum hourly rate cap' is an amount determined by the government to be the maximum that centres should charge

Service Type

Maximum hourly rate cap

Centre Based Day Care (Long Day Care & Occasional Care)


Family Day Care


Outside School Hours Care (Before, After, and Vacation care)


In Home Care

$25.48 (per family)

These changes are massive and WILL affect the amount you pay for early education and care. 160,000 families will be worse off - don't be unprepared.