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***** UPDATE *****

We had a huge win!

Thanks to the hard work of so many parents, over the weekend the Federal Government announced a $26 million national vaccination package to help boost immunisation rates.

What a win for our kids!

The Health Minister, Sussan Ley, announced a vaccination program that included a national vaccination register, incentives for doctors to reach out to families with overdue vaccinations and a national awareness campaign. (Read more here).

Last year, over 3000 of you asked the Health Minister to launch a national awareness campaign and that’s exactly what we got!

This is not the first immunisation win we’ve had recently. Because of you, the amazing parents who have joined The Parenthood, just in the last 12 months we’ve:

  • Stopped anti-vax campaigner Sherri Tenpenny from spreading her dangerous tour of mis-information to Australia
  • Placed the immunisation debate, including the alarming pockets of non-immunised regions, in the national spotlight for discussion.
  • Campaigned the Government to get serious about immunisations and won.
  • Won a national awareness campaign for vaccinations.
  • Ensured the Federal Government remains dedicated to boosting immunisation rates – and they have, with the two recent policy announcements

When parents campaign together, we win.


Over the weekend, the Abbott Government announced that they will close the ‘conscientious objector’ loophole tightening the vaccination requirement to access childcare subsidies and Family Tax Benefit Part A.

Now only those parents who cannot vaccinate their child because of a medical reason or a deeply held religious belief are exempt from the vaccination requirement in order to receive these government payments.

Parents have welcomed this move to take strong action to help boost immunisation rates.

We know that in the last 10 years, the number of conscientious objectors has almost doubled and there are pockets of Australia where the immunisation rate is at a level below what is considered needed to help protect the community from deadly diseases.

As the Government gears up to announce it’s Families Package, it’s also time they got serious about educating parents on the safety, efficacy and necessity of vaccinating their children before sending them to childcare.

Because unfortunately, the policy announced on the weekend only goes part way to addressing the real problem – education, or a lack there of it.

If parents continue to refuse to vaccinate their child because their fear of vaccinations outweighs their understanding & knowledge of its safety there is a real risk that children will not only continue to be at risk of contracting a serious illness they are also likely to miss out on access to education and care.

This is not what parents want.

So today we’re calling on the Government to fund a national education campaign to run parallel to their ’no jab no pay’ policy change to make sure all parents are aware of safety, efficacy and necessity of vaccinating their children and that if you refuse to vaccinate not only are they putting their own child’s life in danger you’re endangering the lives of many more.

Today – email the Prime Minister and tell him it’s time to #EducateToVaccinate