$30 a day for parking is too much! Take the cost pressure off parents with sick kids.

$30 a day for parking is too much!  Take the cost pressure off parents with sick kids.

$30 a day for parking is too much.  Sign our petition today calling on Parking Australia to ease the burden on hospital parking fees for parents & family of sick kids.

641 of 1,000 signatures

641 of 1,000 signatures

359 signatures required

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When your child is sick, the last thing you want to worry about is how expensive the hospital carpark is.

Parking  your car at children’s hospitals around the country in some cases can cost you $30 a day.  This is often unaffordable for many parents, particularly those with kids who are receiving long-term treatment. 

$30 a day quickly adds up.

Currently, only hospitals in Victoria publicly advertise a discounted weekly pass ($60). All other hospitals charge by the day.

Many hospitals do offer some parking discounts for long-term patients, but these aren’t advertised and often parents are asked to prove they are in need. It shouldn’t be so hard. 

Parking Australia - the peak industry body - has announced a review into parking prices at hospitals and we want to make sure parents’ voices are heard.

The review comes in response to a change.org petition by 13 year old Gidon Goodman on the issue that has received over 66,000 responses.

News Ltd are also running a national campaign on this issue - you can check out their latest article here.

We’re calling on Parking Australia to implement three changes nationwide:

  • Weekly discount parking available at all hospitals
  • Heavily discounted parking for families with concession cards
  • Free parking (close to the hospital) for families with children in the neonatal intensive care unit the and intensive care unit.

We’re not asking for much - we just want to see families going through a rough time have one less thing to worry about.  

Sign our petition calling on Parking Australia to ease the cost burden on parents with sick kids.