Time to fix OSHC

Time to fix OSHC

It's becoming increasingly clear that schools, communities and governments have not kept pace with the demand on outside school hours care and so many families are missing out. Join our campaign for better access to outside school hours care today!

269 of 1,000 signatures

269 of 1,000 signatures

731 signatures required

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Outside School Hours Care Crisis!

Check out our special report on the Today Show (28/2/19)  - our campaign is gaining traction! Join us today! And share with your friends and family so we can keep our numbers growing.



We often think it'll get easier (and definitely less expensive!) when our kids transition from early learning and care into school.

Obviously a challenge remains for working parents where they need to do school drop off and pick up "outside school hours". Thankfully, many schools have an Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program where parents can drop their kids off/pick them up confident that whilst they are at work, their kids are being well looked after before and after school.


What happens if you don't get a spot?! What if the quality is awful?! What happens if the cost is just too expensive?! What happens if your school doesn't have a program?! What happens if your child is considered too old for the program, but is clearly too young to be left on their own?!

There are an increasing number of issues relating to OSHC, with the scarcity of places being a clear front runner.

We need to do something to fix it before matters get worse!

Schools, communities, and governments at all levels have not kept pace with the increase in demand for outside school hours care. It seems like they think....

"It's okay, mum will sort it out"

Well we don't think that's an acceptable answer! Join our campaign to fix OSHC today and together we can help ensure no family, no mum is left stressed out about what they'll do when school drop off and pick up is at odds with work.