Mr Turnbull - let's get schools funding right!

Mr Turnbull - let's get schools funding right!

Over the Christmas break, the Federal Government walked away from important school funding reforms. On the first day back to school for 2016, the Opposition made the commitment to fully fund Gonski.

It's time for the Government to step up.

Sign this petition and tell the Prime Minister to commit his Government to getting school funding right and ensure no child and school is left behind.

1,526 of 5,000 signatures

1,526 of 5,000 signatures

3,474 signatures required

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Ask any parent what they most want for their child and they will say the very best education.

Yet over the Christmas break, Education Minister Simon Birmingham dashed the hopes of parents expecting the Government to commit to the final 2 years of Gonski school funding.

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We know that funding for education reform will make a huge difference in our kids schools and on the first day back to school for 2016, Labor Leader Bill Shorten committed the Labor Party to fully funding Gonski.


That's why we're calling on the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to join with the Opposition & parents all around Australia and get school funding right.


Education reform should be above party politics- we need both sides to put the education of our children first and that means a funding commitment from the Federal Government.

Sign the petition and ask the Prime Minister to commit to education funding reforms and help us ensure that no child or school will be left behind.



(From 2015)

The Gonski reforms were designed to make school funding fairer by ensuring every Australian child has a great start at school, regardless of their background or how much money their parents have.

Now our very own Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, wants to scrap these popular changes.

Gonski was the most comprehensive review of school funding in 40 years -- one designed to make the system better for all kids. So you’d be forgiven for thinking Mr Pyne’s made a grave error.

As parents, we’re disappointed to say the least. Here's what members, like you, have told us:

"I believe in a fair and equal education for all Australians. If we continue this way, we will increase the gap between the privileged and the poor."

"We need future leaders to come from a broad base. For too long public school funding has been an insult to the children, families and communities they serve."

"Needs-based school funding has been a basic tenet of Australian education for years. If we go backwards on this, our next generation will suffer. All parents are concerned and fearful about this possibility."

And it's not just parents and grandparents who are concerned for the future of our kids.

Liberal and Labor Premiers have been quick to speak out against the broken promise, calling on the federal Government to honour their Gonski commitment.

Sometimes circumstances change. But breaking a fundamental promise to Australian parents? We should expect better behaviour from our politicians.

We need to step up alongside the many teachers and experts who believe in Gonski and more importantly, the future of our very own children.

We're calling on Mr Pyne to ensure every Australian child has access to a quality education, by fully implementing the expert work that went into the Gonski reforms. Will you join us?