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01 June 2020 60 percent of Australian families will have a parent forced to reduce work when childcare fees return & 68 percent will be women, survey of 2,200 Australian families reveals

23 May 2020 More than a third of parents will reduce days or remove children from early learning if government 'snaps-back' to old system.

21 May 2020 New analysis reveals government's plan to 'snap back' to old childcare system could force 400,000 children out of care & threaten sector

19 May 2020 Government's own report confirms 'snapping back' to old childcare system will be disastrous

3 April 2020 Parents call on the government to give greater certainty to funding early learning

2 April 2020 Parents welcome government childcare announcement


28 April 2019 Parents delighted by Labor's promise for cheaper childcare and professional educator pay

2 April 2019 Still no preschool certainty for children and their parents and carers

4 March 2019 NSW Labor's plan for preschool offers the leadership parents are looking for

27 February 2019 Put Children first and increase investment in early learning, say Mums and Dads.


19 November 2018 A warm welcome for commitments to new support for Victorian parents

10 October 2018 Parents welcome Labor's public education funding commitments

4 October 2018 Labor’s promise to fund two years of preschool for all children provides the stability parents are looking for

6 August 2018 Turnbull Government must not walk away from Australian children

5 July 2018 Typeform data breach

19 June 2018 NSW takes a step in the right direction on preschool funding 

8 May 2018 Parents hope for no nasty surprises in tonight's federal budget

26 March 2018 Parents support educators in their 'Big Walk Off'

21 March 2018 Berejiklian Government failing our four year olds

03 Feb 2018  Relief as Federal Government announces on more year of Kindy funding


16 Nov 2017 Queensland parents don't trust Nicholls, new poll shows

29 Oct 2017 Oz Childcare most expensive

4 Sep 2017 Educators strike for equal pay

6 Aug 2017 Raise the rebate

2 Aug 2017 Families doing it tough

23 May 2017 Parents achieve Qld hospital parking win

9 May 2017 Parents pre-budget wish list

30 Apr 2017 W is for worry

23 Mar 2017 Parents look to Pauline Hanson to save access to early learning for our kids

22 Mar 2017 Split the Bill!

5 Mar 2017 What if there were no women?

16 Feb 2017 Enough already! Just get on with childcare reform

1 Feb 2017 Stop using the family budget to fix the Federal budget


20 Nov 2016 72,000 lose time with newborns under unacceptable PPL trade off deal

05 Nov 2016 Dumping whooping cough booster for teenagers a decision that may place babies in danger

03 Nov 2016 Mums and dads unveil giant reminder of Xenophon’s promise on paid parental leave

04 Oct 2016 Struggling families slugged to subsidise childcare

20 Sept 2016 Turnbull reignites campaign against ‘double dipping’ mums

13 Sept 2016 Labor caves on family budget support

06 Sept 2016 Parents throw their support behind early years educators

28 Jun 2016 New modelling reveals financial impact of Coalition vs Labor childcare and family payments policies on the family budget.

23 Jun 2016 NEW POLL: One in two undecided voters say Paid Parental Leave and reducing childcare costs will determine their vote

10 Jun 2016 Parents disappointed by Labor’s family tax benefit cuts

06 Jun 2016 Labor childcare policy important step forward

30 May 2016 Family policies forgotten by our political leaders 

05 May 2016 Shorten delivers the lines, but can he deliver for Aussie parents?

03 May 2016 Working families bitterly disappointed by childcare reform delay

06 Apr 2016 Turnbull must take cuts to PPL off the table - permanently

04 Apr 2016 Australian parents want action on childcare reform 

17 Mar 2016 Cuts to parental leave doomed in the Senate as polling shows working mothers key undecided in upcoming election

06 Mar 2016 One in three working mums battling a “baby ceiling” in Australian businesses

05 Feb 2016 Childcare activity test nightmare for 1 in 5 parents

30 Jan 2016 52,000 reasons why the Government’s childcare package needs to change.

28 Jan 2016 Children will be the big winners from a $4.5 billion commitment to fund education reform

14 Jan 2016 Mums to be thousands of dollars worse off under PPL changes



02 Dec 2015 Children forgotten in childcare reforms.

29 Nov 2015 Another group of families to lose out under new childcare package

7 Nov 2015 Media Alert: Have you had your #BabyBumpJab? – National launch of campaign to have more pregnant women getting their whooping cough booster vaccine.

2 Nov 2015 Imposing a new activity test on parents will be a disaster for busy families – and Centrelink staff

1 Nov 2015 Paid Parental Leave cuts: Australia's worst baby shower gift.

22 Oct 2015 Parents call on Labor and the Greens not to let new cuts to family payments go through

21 Oct 2015 Parents welcome back down in major cuts to family payments.

1 Sept 2015 Parents appear before senate committee to fight paid parental leave 

17 Aug 2015 First World Talk, Third Rate Delivery: PPL Changes

23 Jul 2015 Parents continue to struggle with the ever-increasing cost of childcare.

14 Jul 2015 Queensland parents welcome support in state budget

10 Jul 2015 Just 6 percent of parents support government's changes to Paid Parental Leave (PPL)

23 Jun 2015 Parents launch campaign against cuts to the National Perinatal Depression Initiative

20 May 2015 Mums show Assistant Treasurer Frydenberg why the government has got it wrong on PPL

14 May 2015 Parents respond to budget and budget reply

3 May 2015 Parents welcome commitment to kindy and preschool funding

15 Apr 2015 Parents disappointed Prime Minister has reneged on PPL

12 Mar 2015 Parents welcome Queensland Government  move to get tough on childhood vaccinations

05 Mar 2015 Affordable quality early learning solution to intergenerational problem

02 Feb 2015 Parents were expecting to learn more about “Families Package” in speech today

06 Jan 2015 Parents get on board to stop anti-vax campaigner Sherri Tenpenny



Reports and submissions from The Parenthood

The Parenthood Childcare Inquiry Submission - Feb 2016

The Parenthood Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Jobs for Families Child Care Package) Bill 2015 and the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Family Payments Structural Reform and Participation Measures) Bill 2016 Committee Submission - Sept 2016


The Parenthood Childcare Inquiry Submission - 2015

The Parenthood Childcare Inquiry Supplementary Submission (outlining new research on waiting list fees at early learning centres)

‘Have your say on PPL’ National Survey