NAPLAN tests are due for a review

NAPLAN tests are due for a review

It's been 10 years since Aussie school kids started sitting the NAPLAN tests and it's time for an official review. Sign the petition and tell the Education Minister that you want NAPLAN to be reviewed.

672 of 1,000 signatures

672 of 1,000 signatures

328 signatures required

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As parents, we all want to know how our child is doing at school. Every year students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sit for a series of NAPLAN tests and their parents receive a NAPLAN report which they are told provides "information about what students know and have achieved in the areas of reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy".

What’s not to like about that? Well, quite a bit as it turns out.

Experts say that NAPLAN causes kids unnecessary stress and that it takes valuable teaching time away from teachers.

What's worse is that the tests don't give parents reliable information about how their kids are going, with one expert labelling the writing test as "absurd" and another explaining that statistically any individual child’s score on a NAPLAN test can fluctuate by about 12% up or down.

Queensland primary principal and union representative, Rebecca Hack wrote that, "It’s been ten years since NAPLAN was introduced. It has been in place, largely unaltered, for a decade now, and has not led to any significant improvement of literacy and numeracy outcomes. 

"At an individual level it is a clunky measure, with limited accuracy.  It causes stress in our children and in their teachers and has led to a reduction in what our children are taught.

"Its time to look at how we, as a nation, can do this better."

Sign our petition, and add your voice to help get NAPLAN reviewed.