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Equal Pay Day: Wage crisis is catastrophic for Australian women - 28 August -

Businesses launch push for free childcare - 11 August - The Newcastle Herald

Unions and parent advocacy group respond to yesterday’s core ECEC announcements - 6 August - The Sector

'Difficult to function': Confusion reigns ahead of childcare changes - 5 August - The Age

Dan Tehan can't turn back the childcare clock - 9 June - Sydney Morning Herald

Women fear they will have to stop working when childcare fees return - 9 June - SBS

Parents and childcare workers back to 'square one' as they grapple with Government changes - 9 June - ABC

More than half of parents would need to cut work if free childcare ends - 31 May - Sydney Morning Heral



Families face higher childcare and preschool costs after election - 23 May - Daily Telegraph

Parents still don't know where we stand with ScoMo - 20 May - Adelaide Advertiser

If you're a woman, here's what the two major parties are promising you this election - 15 May - Mamamia

Families slugged with extra childcare costs, after a shock announcement from one of Australia's biggest providers - 1 May - 7 News Brisbane

Australian childcare provider G8 Education accused of ripping off parents with fee increases - 1 May - The West Australian

Centrelink glitches leave parents and child care providers out of pocket - 30 April - Kidspot

Why ‘astronomical’ childcare fees are the ‘rort’ our pollies are ignoring - 30 April -

Labor's childcare policy promises billions of dollars to reduce costs for working families - 29 April - Mamamia

Shorten's $500m boon for childcare workers - 28 April - Australian Financial Review

Labor pledges to increase childcare subsidy and pay workers more - 28 April - Kidspot

Tax cuts are a con, family groups say - 27 April - Herald Sun

Preschool funding is a hot federal election issue - 27 April - Daily Telegraph

Leadership instability lowers young Australians' trust of politicians - 17 April - The West Australian

Why isn't the government doing more to help Millennials afford kids? - 16 April - The Age

Federal government accused of squibbing on preschool funding issue because it won't buy them votes - 11 April - Weekly Times

Learning advocates call for certainty - 4 April - The Australian

ACA and The Parenthood say Budget has failed to provide certainty on Universal Access - 3 April - The Sector

Many kids could miss out on a preschool education altogether - it's madness - 3 April - Kidspot

Budget fails to deliver for early childhood education - 3 April - Women's Agenda

"We need a government that is serious about early childhood education" - 2 April - Kidspot

Parents putting kids at risk online, research shows - 2 April - Daily Telegraph

Centrelink glitch leads to spend on exotic bird, pokies - 24 March - Daily Telegraph

Kids need more play to excel in STEM, new study hopes to prove - 20 March - Daily Telegraph

Deliver more for children and families – Everyone Benefits exerts election pressure - 18 March - The Sector

'After eight years as a mum, the parent guilt has finally washed over me' - 18 March - 9 Honey

Experts & parents unite to call on political parties to deliver quality early learning - 18 March - Women's Agenda

Politicians feeling parental pressure for preschool education - 18 March - The Australian

No cuts to holiday taxes at expense of schools and hospitals - 7 March - Herald Sun

Record breaking investment in the early years promised by NSW Labor ahead of election - 4 March - The Sector

Labor promised $500 million to fund early learning for all 3-year-olds - 4 March - Sydney Morning Herald

Parents push for increased investment in the early years ahead of NSW election - 27 February - The Sector

Revealed: One in three Aussie principals physically attacked - 26 February - Daily Telegraph

Kids are being exposed to frequent yelling more than ever before, experts say - 24 February - Adelaide Advertiser

Let's adopt a kinder view of what 'a family' is - 22 February - Brisbane Times

Fears grow for drought-affected kids as UNICEF report reveals mental health impact - 19 February - Daily Telegraph

Tanya Plibersek announces new academy for school principals - 19 February - Daily Telegraph

Education Department spends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on advertising - 2 February - Channel 9

Lack of reading linked to hyperactivity in kids - 30 January - Daily Telegraph

Why $9m was spent on Quality Schools advertising campaign - 29 January - Weekly Times

Cyber-bullying: Plan to make kids sit digital licence test - 27 January - Daily Telegraph



Preschool funding left off COAG agenda - 13 December - Courier Mail

Teenagers want more practical skills taught in school, survey reveals - 20 November - Daily Telegraph

The 'game-changing' reforms to paid parental leave - 20 November - Daily Telegraph

Victoria pledges $232 million support to families with newborns - 20 November - The Sector

First-time mums to get free pack of baby goods and more child nurse visits - 19 November - Kidspot

New Victorian parents promised $150 baby bundle and 24-hour support if Labor re-elected. - 19 November - Mamamia

Why Labor's plan for preschool is music to the ears of early childhood advocates - 5 October - Women's Agenda

Extra time at preschool could be subsidised by government - 4 October - Kidspot

Outrage over childcare giveaways to lure parents - 22 September - Courier Mail

Parents drowning in baby debt, finds survey - 14 September - Daily Telegraph

The modern horror story keeping women awake at night - 13 September - Sydney Morning Herald

Baby hold on! We're going on leave. - 9 September - Future Women (podcast, ep 7)

Thousands of childcare workers have walked off the job around the country in their campaign for better pay - Ten News - 5 September

Early childhood educators don't need thanks - they need a pay rise - Kidspot - 5 September

Without a payrise, our thanks to childcare workers means little - The Advertiser - 3 September

To prove they don't have a woman problem, the Liberals should fix this - Canberra Times - 3 September

Father's Day celebrations: Schools attempts to make day more 'inclusive' - Daily Telegraph - 31 August

Yes, childcare's expensive but pushing to limit the quality of early childhood education is wrong - Women's Agenda - 31 August 

Primary schools report thefts and conflict over Coles Little Shop mini collectables - Herald Sun - 27 August

A threat to preschool funding has been revealed several months after the Federal Budget was released. - Mamamia - 7 August

Virgin Australia threatens to kick family off flight after delays - Daily Telegraph - 2 August

Why I'm saying no to Coles Little Shop collectibles - Essential Kids - 2 August

Secret pressure facing new mums: Australian women feel 'judged' over breastfeeding decisions - Daily Telegraph - 28 July

Childcare subsidies: the real winners and losers - 2SER - 26 July

Focus: a proposal to weigh and measure children has parents divided - ABC Radio Sydney - 23 July

Children to be weighed and measured at school every two years in proposal to tackle obesity - ABC Online - 21 July

Kindergartens lobbying for extended government subsidies - Courier Mail - 14 July

‘I can’t afford this’: Parents slam new child care subsidy rollout. - Mamamia - 12 July

Health experts fear for parents skipping breakfast - News Corp - 6 July

Sky news Australia, live interview - Sky news - 3 July

Fingers in the honeypot - The Australian - 29 June

In news that will shock few parents childcare fees are on the rise. Again. - Women's Agenda - 25 June

Childcare centres cash in on Federal Government's new childcare subsidy - News Corp - 23 June

Families with preschool aged kids to get an $800 bonus - Kidspot - 19 June

Childcare centres failing to sign up to new system - News Corp - 14 June

Child Care Subsidy will leave thousands of families worse off - are you one of them? - ABC - 13 June

I'm a cancer-conquering single mum who has just lost my childcare subsidy - Kidspot - 5 June

Pressure on working mums at a 'tipping point' but dads are stepping up... slowly - Herald Sun - 2 June

Blaming parents for childhood obesity is lazy - News Corp - 31 May

Queensland Government to tackle after school care shortage - Courier Mail - 16 June

After a decade, what is NAPLAN doing for us? - News Corp - 16 May

Quality checks at childcare may soon be a thing of the past - Kidspot - 15 May

Childcare rebate changes - demand for Queensland nannies rises - Courier Mail - 13 May

Change for the better for working mums - Sydney Morning Herald - 12 May

Keep your tax cuts and give us affordable childcare - Kidspot - 9 May

The winners and losers of the 2018 Federal Budget - Mamamia - 8 May

Politics Now - Federal Budget Edition - The Australian - 7 May

Number of children spending 50-plus hours a week in childcare is growing Daily Telegraph - 4 May

Aussie parents spending $2.1 billion on children’s sports and physical activities, report reveals - Herald Sun - 28 April

Parents baffled by new terms in ever-changing Aussie ‘teenglish’ - Daily Telegraph - 23 April

One in five Australian kids going hungry as cost of living continues to rise, study reveals - Daily Telegraph - 14 April

The Childcare Subsidy Cut Off Is Coming - Kinderling Kids Radio Conversation with Shevonne Hunt - 11 April

Supporting early childhood educators - Hit FM The Queen Sesh (Sunday Sesh) with Constance Hall - 1 April

Campaign calling for taxpayers to *invest in the early educators who invest their lives in our kids* - 3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell - 28 March (*title changed for accuracy!)

Working Parents Shortchanged By Long Daycare Centre Funding -The Australian - 21 March

Why dads should spend a day at home and support childcare workers - Kidspot – 8 March

Sexting shock: Teens sending nudes as 'second base' - Daily Telegraph – 4 March

Parents ‘highly stressed by after school care shortage Today -Channel Nine – 28 February

Childcare more expensive than rent - Courier Mail – 24 February 

Focus on OSHC - ABC Radio Brisbane with Emma Griffiths - 24 January

Brisbane after school care places shortage leaves parents 'scrambling' - ABC News Online - 21 January

Back to school without breaking the bank - Courier Mail - 17 January



Work-life imbalance puts strain on kids - Coffs Coast Advocate - 8 December

Mums forced to take on extra jobs to cope with cost of living - Daily Telegraph - 1 December

Poll reveals LNP edging ahead on two-party stakes - Brisbane Times -  15 November

What kids and parents really want from early childhood education - Life Matters, Radio National - 23 October 

Australian students are facing school exam stress more than ever - Courier Mail - 14 October

Childcare staff to overrule parent wishes in national baby sleep safety crackdown - Herald Sun - 26 September

Aussie parents are struggling with the worst work-life balance -Herald Sun – 15 September

Childcare Nightmare - A Current Affair - 31 August

Financial, childcare pressures force pregnant women to stay at work longer - Courier Mail - 26 August

Families spend twice their food budget on childcare - Adelaide Now (also front page Sunday Telegraph)- 5 August

Is baby formula safe? - Ten News - 2 July

What Gonski 2.0 means for the future of our education system - Kinderling Kids Radio - 23 June

Do you suffer Flexism? - Kidspot - 21 June

Childcare centres offer giftcards as incentives to switch from rival businesses - Daily Telegraph - 10 June

RECALL - Ace of Hearts Fidget Spinner Fails the Button Battery Test - Kidspot - 23 May

“What the Federal Budget means for families”– Kinderling Kids Radio–10 May   

“Scott Morrison denies he delivered a 'Labor budget” - The Guardian - 9 May

“The Three Things Parents Need To Look For From The Federal Budget” - Kidspot - 8 May

“Why parents are fighting for the home doctor service” Kinderling Kids Radio - 3 May

 “Almost One Third of Parents Are Fed Up With Australia’s Education System” Daily Telegraph (and NewsCorp papers) - 15 April 

“In Defence of Stay At Home Mums” Mamamia - 10 March

Let’s rescue Mums ‘wasting their lives' being stuck at home – Channel 10 -10 March  

Mums a drain on the economy: research– Courier Mail -10 March 

Colin Barnett faces fight of his life as Labor surges in crucial seats– West Australian - 23 February

Anger that childcare package would fail those who need it most– The Australian - 15 February

Childcare rebate: Government accused of 'holding Senate to ransom' to fund bill– ABC News –1 February 

“Is this what we want for six year olds?” Teacher speaks out against new testing.– MamaMia – 31 January


Labor under fire over $6bn budget savings deal with Coalition - The Guardian, 13 Sept

Child care centres to close during strikes for fair pay for educators  Mamamia - 6 Sept

One in four NSW childcare centres failing to meet national standards: report - ABC News - 27 Aug

Fortunate to work flexibly? No. We need to create a new world of work - Women's Agenda - 23 Aug

Why we have to, for the moment, make childcare a woman’s issue - Women's Agenda - 5 Aug

Federal election 2016: Major parties accused of neglecting work and family issues - Essential Baby 29 June

Election 2016: What Vote Compass reveals about paid parental leave and child care  - ABC News - 29 June

‘Families better off under Labor’s child care policy.’ - Mamamia - 28 June

Childcare: Coalition rejects modelling showing families better off under Labor - The Guardian - 28 June

Most families better off under Labor's childcare policy, modelling finds - The Guardian - 27 June

Director of parent advocacy group, The Parenthood, outlines the strengths of both Labor's and the Coalition's childcare policies - ABC News Radio - 06 June 

Labor unveils $3 billion childcare plan to win over families - Essential Baby - 5 June

Everything you need to know about child care before you vote. - Mamamia - 6 June

Federal election 2016: leaders mum on $200-a-day childcare - The Australian - 1 June

Mother Joins Calls For Stricter Safety Standards Over Button Batteries - Huffington Post Australia - 31 May

Calls for a ban on button batteries - Channel Ten - 31 May

Federal election 2016: 30pc of women yet to choose between leaders - The Australian - 31 May

Working mums earn as little as $5 a day after tax and childcare - The Australian - 31 May

"It's just not worth it ..." Full-time mums earn $5 an hour after child care costs and tax - Kidspot - 18 May

Childcare might be letting you work but in reality, it may not really be worth it. - Mamamia - 18 May

Federal election 2016: Labor pledges $1.4bn to retain paid parental leave status quo - The Australian - 9 May

‘The Budget was not the sales pitch working mums were hoping to see.’ - Mamamia - 4 May



Whether you’re a CEO or a regular worker, flexibility for new parents is critical -, 2nd Sept

Public sector carries baby pay burden - The Australian, 1st Sept

Mums say leave crackdown devalues women -, 1st Sept

Naval officer breaks down in front of senators examining paid parental leave - The Guardian, 1st Sept

PPL a "first world problem": Can someone let Scott Morrison know he's governing in the "first world"? - Women's Agenda, 20th Aug

A new report has found that a massive 70 per cent of childcare courses take less than a year to complete - Perth Now, 19th Aug

Companies to use new incentives to shield mums from double-dipping -, 17th Aug

Coveted childcare spots could soon become even harder to find -, 5th Aug

The trouble with husbands wanting housewives - Women's Agenda, 16th Jul

Mums give Tony Abbott’s new PPL changes the big thumbs down - The Australian, 9th Jul

Federal Government cuts funding to an essential parenting service. -, 23rd June

Pram protest in Brisbane against Federal Government's paid parental leave policy - ABC Online, 1st Jun

Stay-at-home parents creching the daycare party
The Australian, 21st May

Senior Abbott ministers outed as 'double-dippers' as fairness debate rages

Sydney Morning Herald, 15th May

Budget 2015: Women furious at ‘rorts’ slur on maternity leave
The Australian, 14th May

Federal Budget 2015: Mums who volunteer can keep childcare, 14th May

2015 budget: daycare juggling act to cost stay-at-home mums
The Australian, 12th May

Federal budget 2015: Almost 50 per cent of mums to lose government paid parental leave entitlements

Sydney Morning Herald, 11th May

Mixed reaction to government's landmark childcare package

Sydney Morning Herald, 11th May

Budget 2015: Scott Morrison announces extra childcare money for at-risk children
7:30 Report, 8th May

Prime Minister Tony Abbott visits Penrith announcing federal preschool subsidy to continue for two more years
Daily Telegraph, 4th May

Families package: Pre-school win as childcare funding brawl begins, 3rd May

Bouquets and brickbats: Why nannies are attracting both
Women's Agenda, 30th April

Two-year nanny trial to cost $246m
The Australian, 28th, April

Mum whose seven kids got whooping cough at once says we need to stop vax-shaming, 16th April

Childcare groups call for big investment in early childhood education
ABC PM radio program, 15th April

Childcare providers to miss out on funds boost, 15th April

How anti-vaccination advocates sound to everyone else
Herald Sun, 14th April

Government’s anti-vaccination crackdown allows exemption for one minor religion, 13th April

Anti-vaccination parents may lose rebates
The New Daily, 12th April

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison confirms families package will be rolled out gradually, 8th April

Gold Coast vaccination rates need to improve: authorities
ABC Local - Gold Coast, 7th April

Anti-vaccination parents could be refused government benefits
ABC PM radio program, 7th April

A record high in the number of so-called conscientious vaccination objectors is worrying the government, 6th April

Melbourne childcare centres charge well above Productivity Commission's proposed 'benchmark' fees
Sydney Morning Herald, 29th March

Push for increase in childcare funding for babies and toddlers to urgently address shortage, 25th March

Scott Morrison has admitted that the controversial $74 childcare subsidies per day is too low, 18th March



Child grooming arrests
Channel 10 Eyewitness News – National, 24 December

Parents want more money for childcare, 23 December

Parents want more money for childcare
The Australian, 23 December

Parents want more money for childcare
The Courier Mail, 23 December

Family Day Care Fraud
Channel 10′s The Project, 18 December

Think childcare is just babysitting? Think again
Women’s Agenda

Paid Parental Leave changed
Channel 10 Eyewitness News – National

Government announces Paid Parental Leave funding to be diverted to childcare
ABC News 24

Playroom Politics
Channel 10 Eyewitness News – National

‘Junk science’ behind criticism of quality childcare, experts claim
Sydney Morning Herald, 6 November

Study linking child behaviour and childcare attendance
Channel 10′s The Project, 30 October

The one word that explains how I do it all
Women’s Agenda, 28 October

High Childcare Fees Expected to Hit Families Hard
Sunshine Coast Daily, 23 October

Thousands of Aussie middle-income families may be hit with rise in childcare costs, Perthnow, The Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, 20 October

Going up! Childcare costs on the rise again, 20 October

Pregnant Queensland women slow to take up free whooping cough jab
The Courier Mail, 24 September

Parents want childcare workers to be highly qualified, says group The Parenthood
Sydney Morning Herald, 25 August

Was the Paid Parental Leave Scheme ever going to happen or was it just a con to get women voting for Tony Abbott?
Mamamia, 5 August

Want to encourage women to go back to work after babies? Don’t do this.
Mamamia, 30 July

Interview with ABC News 24
ABC news, 20 July

Interview with PM Agenda
Sky news, 2 July

Parents’ group slams Productivity Commission proposal for means-tested childcare
The Australian, 2 July

Wake up Australia: we’re about to be the only country in the world to charge for childhood immunisation
Mamamia, 20 June

Vaccine sceptics who call themselves ‘conscientious objectors’ put innocent children’s lives at risk
Courier Mail, 4 June

Single mothers ‘slugged $3800′
The Australian, 22 May

Sole parents face $11,000 welfare hit 
The Australian, 12 May 

McDonalds uses social media to target children
Channel TEN Sydney, 6 May

Universal Access to Early Childhood Education program funding in May budget call, 23 April

State and federal health ministers agree that all families must support vaccination of children
Courier Mail, 12 April 

Doctors want vaccination reforms for childcare centres
Courier Mail, 11 April

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg set to block `conscientious objection’ excuse for vaccination refusers
Courier Mail, 9 April

Vaccinating your child
Ten News Sydney, 27 March

Boosting Newstart earnings could save budget $1.4 billion
The Australian, 10 March

Today is the day to help another mum. And here’s why.
iVillage, 8 March

Childcare waiting list fees: parents demand ban
The Today Show, 24 February

Desperate parents demand national ban on childcare
waiting list fees
Sunday Telegraph, 23 February 

Childcare rebate vital to working parents
Essential Baby, 18 February

Glorifying a drug smuggler gives kids the wrong message
The Daily Telegraph, 14 February
(republished here on Mamamia)

Mothers hit out at rebate cut
Channel 7 News, 9 February 

Costly childcare
Channel 10 Eyewitness News, 9 February

For mums, to work or not rests on childcare rebate
Courier Mail, 9 February 

Do you know what “hard” really is?
Mamamia, 6 February 

Newstart a bad end for sole mums, kids
The Australian, 5 February

Single parents on Newstart allowance reveal decline in nutrition, mental health and large debts
ABC online, 5 February

Welfare review
The Project, Channel Ten, 4 February

Lone parents fear they’ll be hit even harder
The Age, 23 January