Add your name to our submission against cuts to PPL

Add your name to our submission against cuts to PPL

A Senate Committee is calling for submissions into Paid Parental Leave legislation. Add your name to The Parenthood's submission demanding no cuts to PPL.

1,093 of 3,000 signatures

1,093 of 3,000 signatures

1,907 signatures required

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After a few failed PPL policies, the Turnbull Government is now looking at offering an additional two weeks to mums who don’t have access to employer offered PPL.

If that was the end of the story, we’d be over the moon, but sadly they’re offering these two weeks on the condition that the Senate take time away from new parents who have any leave provided by their employer.

This will leave 72,000 families with less time then they’d otherwise have had under the current system.

Effectively, Mr Turnbull seeks to pit working mums against each other.

A Senate Committee is currently reviewing the government’s legislation and is calling for submissions. We’re preparing a submission demanding no cuts to paid parental leave and an end to the uncertainty for pregnant women and those planning on having kids soon.

Will you add your name to our submission calling for no cuts to PPL?

We’re currently collecting the strongest research, data and personal stories to make this submission as persuasive as it can be. If you add your name now - we’ll send you the submission once it’s complete before we submit.

Add your name now so the government can be under no illusions that parents simply do not support any cuts to PPL.

If you'd like to make your own submission to the committee you can do so here - and here are some handy tips to help you get going.