Fund preschool for all NSW children, no matter where they go.

Fund preschool for all NSW children, no matter where they go.

We are calling on all NSW political leaders to make an investment in two years of preschool for all NSW children in the setting that best suits their family.

That means, funding must be provided for children in long day care as well as community preschools.

Premier Berejiklian, Opposition Leader Daley, Minister Mitchell and Shadow Minister Washington, will you commit to funding preschool for ALL children, no matter where they go?

46 of 500 signatures

46 of 500 signatures

454 signatures required

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In the middle of last year, the NSW Coalition announced they would extend funding for preschool to three-year-olds. This was a very welcome step from Premier Berejiklian and Minister Mitchell.

But, in NSW, the State Government only funds the education of children who attend community preschools.

And, only one in six NSW preschoolers attends a community preschool.

Those kids get a wonderful education there - community preschools do a great job. But, often, community preschools have shorter hours which makes it a difficult option for working parents.

Most children in NSW get the benefits of preschool within their long day care centre.

That means that most children in NSW do not get the benefit of funding for a preschool education.

The coming State Election is a huge opportunity for our community of mums, dads and supporters. Our political leaders are listening to us right now. They know that they need our vote. That’s why we’re now asking them, as loudly as we can, to fund two years of preschool for all NSW children, no matter where go.