Quality, affordable early learning for kids & workplace equality. #FairerFamiliesPackage!

Quality, affordable early learning for kids & workplace equality. #FairerFamiliesPackage!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull & Minister Simon Birmingham, we want a Fairer Families Package! One that ensures every Australian child has the opportunity to access high quality early learning and care.

#morefunding for #qualityearlylearning #FairerFamiliesPackage

6,628 of 10,000 signatures

6,628 of 10,000 signatures

3,372 signatures required

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Help us tell the Federal Government they need to deliver a

Fairer Families Package.

  • One that provides a set number of days of affordable high quality early learning and care for every child 0 to 5 years irrespective of their parents work circumstances
  • One that gives parents greater certainty on how much help they get from Government for the costs of childcare - whether they work normal hours week in and week out or if they work causal hours or work different amounts at different times of the year, and
  • One that at its very basic level does not leave any child, parent or family worse off.




The Minister for Education Simon Birmingham is currently working out how he will get the Government's new Child Care Package through the Federal Parliament.

Here is what we think about what the Abbott Government proposed...


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Clearly they need some help to improve their grades.

Join our campaign today to help remind Mr. Turnbull and Mr. Birmingham that Australian parents want a FAIRER FAMILIES PACKAGE!

For more information on the current proposed childcare package - check out this analysis by the Social Services Research Centre at UNSW.