Real Stories

We’re closing in on another Federal Government budget. A budget that will include big changes to the funding and delivery of childcare across Australia.

As we ready ourselves for this budget and the “Families Package” announcement – we want to remind our Prime Minister, our Social Services Minister and the Australian community of our real stories- the joys and challenges of accessing early education and care.

There is a lot that needs to change to improve the accessibility and affordability of high quality early learning and care and we want to ensure Mr. Abbott understands how important it is he gets this right.

That's where you come in.

We want to share your real stories. Whether you’re a mum, dad, grandparent, aunty, uncle or friend; whether your an educator, teacher or another childhood expert or whether you’re a manager or employer - we want to hear and share your stories. Your day-to-day challenges, joys, mistakes and triumphs.

It could be a selfie with your kids and educator after a great day at childcare. Or a video message about the first time you dropped your little one off at childcare or your message to the Prime Minister about what action you want him to take in this space.

Show us what high quality early learning and care means to you. Show us, the politicians and the Australian community your Real Stories.


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The Parenthood Members share their stories: