Send your support to the parents of Asha.

Send your support to the parents of Asha.

Last week a child of refugee parents was a patient at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane. Her name is Asha. 

Asha's doctors refused to discharge her, because if they did the Federal Government intended on flying Asha and her family back to the detention centre on Nauru. Asha’s doctors have a duty of care to ensure their patient has a safe and secure place to return to and they know that a detention centre on Nauru is not a safe place for baby Asha.

Hundreds of Brisbaners have been outside the hospital, day and night, in support of the medical staff who refused to discharge Asha until a safe and secure place is found for her. 

Now that Asha and her family have been placed in community detention, there is a chance they could be sent back to Nauru at any moment. 


We've set up this page for those unable to get to Brisbane - to send messages of support to Asha's parents and 266 asylum seekers (most who are parents) the Federal Government are seeking to send to Nauru.


Fill in the details below and send your message of support and we'll make sure it gets to the parents of Asha.

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