Show your support for the kids in the Safe Schools program

Show your support for the kids in the Safe Schools program

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1,123 of 1,500 signatures

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As parents we want our children to feel safe and included at school. We know that they learn best when they are happy and confident.

But school can sometimes be  really hard for some of our kids. This is particularly the case for children who are same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse.

Here are some awful statistics * -

  • 75 per cent of same sex attracted young people aged between 14 and 21 years of age had experienced some form of homophobic bullying or abuse

  • 18 per cent physical;

  • 61 per cent verbal;

  • 80 per cent said it was while they were at school.

*La Trobe University study, Writing Themselves In 3 (Hillier et al 2010)

This is why we believe the Safe Schools Program is so important.

The Safe Schools program has had about three weeks of sustained attacks now from certain parts of the media, community and certain politicians.  

Education Minister Hon. Simon Birmingham has been a strong supporter of the Safe Schools program as have many politicians and State Government leaders from both sides of politics.

Claims from people like Senator Cory Bernadi that Safe Schools is “left-wing activism” and pushing “ideology” on our children are just nonsense.

We have set this page up to give you other parents and carers the opportunity to tell the Government why we support the Safe Schools program.

Together we can help make sure Safe Schools continues to make life better for our kids so they can all get on with job of learning and enjoying school