I will be $4800 worse off under the governments proposed PPL scheme

I will be $4800 worse off under the governments proposed PPL scheme

Pregnant mum of one, Tamara Millard said she could lose 16 weeks of paid parental leave from her employer (8 weeks full pay) under the Federal Government’s paid parental leave changes.

“My company provides 8 weeks of paid maternity leave. Our second baby is due at the end of July so if these changes go through it means I will get 16 weeks (half pay) less than what I get at the moment.”

The Adelaide mum said those figures mean a $4800 difference for her family. “I’m finding it difficult to plan for my leave at the moment and what I will do next year as 16 weeks is a huge difference. I will have to go back to work early to make ends meet.”

“I gave up breastfeeding when I went back to work last time. I was hoping to breastfeed for a year this time but it seems like that won’t happen. My employer does provide a room to pump but it is just difficult.”

Tamara says she wants more than four months to be able to bond with her baby.

“They just start to get a personality at six months and it is such a special time with the baby. I was hoping to spend a year at home.”

She has also criticised the term ‘double dipping’ saying the conditions at her workplace were achieved through bargaining and that was one of the reasons that attracted her to the company.

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