Terry chats about being a parent and moving to Newstart

Terry chats about being a parent and moving to Newstart

Terry Page studies full-time and works up to 15 hours a week as a hairdresser but will struggle to pay medical and sporting bills for son, when she is transferred from the parenting payment to the lesser Newstart payment, in April.

“I am very grateful for any help from the government but when I have rent, groceries, health insurance, power, phone and car expenses to pay, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this year. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs and my living expenses are low.”

The psychology student and mum of one says her eight year old son Max has learning delays which means monthly medical bills for speech and occupational therapists.

“He needs to see a speech therapist at $70 per visit and an occupational therapist at $80 each month. My health fund only covers part of this, the rest has to come out of pocket.”

Terry involves Max in a variety of sports to keep him active and involved in the community, but it also comes at a cost that she is worried she won’t be able to maintain on a Newstart payment.

“I like him to do a sport, Nippers in the summer, this is $130 per season and soccer in the winter, this is $220. I really don't think I should take that away from him as I believe for an only child whose father is rarely in his life he should have good male mentors.”

Terry believes thousands of other single parents are in the same position and is calling on the government to keep them on the parenting payment.

“I have some health issues including RSI in the wrist and shoulder which is why I’m studying, as I know the time will come that I can no longer continue as a hairdresser.”

Terry says she has been so stressed about the impending transfer to the Newstart payment that she is concerned she could have a breakdown.

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