Two years of preschool

Two years of preschool

Prime Minister Morrison, Opposition Leader Shorten, Education Minister Tehan and Shadow Minister Rishworth, we want children to have the best chance to flourish. That means, we must properly fund two years of preschool for all Australian children. 

We won't stop asking until we've got it. It's time for two years of preschool.

232 of 200 signatures

232 of 200 signatures

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The sound of happy children playing, laughter, delighted squeals outdoors, busy hands in the sandpit, t-shirts covered in paint and glitter, books stacked up next to the bookshelf, blocks overflowing the bucket and artwork drying on the rack, ready to take home tonight to brighten up the fridges of family homes everywhere - it's preschool. 

It's a place where children have the chance to flourish. Teachers and educators use play to help prepare children for school. Kids learn important social and emotional skills that give them the best foundation for their lives ahead.

It's a place where experts say all children should be supported to go for at least two years. They point to overwhelming levels of evidence that show kids who get two years of preschool do better at school, are more likely to finish school and are more likely to go onto further education.

Experts also say that one in five children start school facing a barrier to learning and that the best time to help kids overcome those barriers is before they start school. 

High-quality, play-based early learning in the two years before a child starts school has huge benefits for kids and it should be properly funded. 

Right now, in the middle of a Federal Election campaign, we know key politicians are carefully listening to the community as they try to win as many votes as possible. This is a great opportunity for us to show them that we, parents, carers and supporters, want two years of preschool to be funded, so that every child has the best start in life.