CROSSBENCH: Vote against unfair family tax benefit cuts

CROSSBENCH: Vote against unfair family tax benefit cuts

960 of 2,000 signatures

960 of 2,000 signatures

1,040 signatures required

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The new Parliament will be sworn in tomorrow. For many it’ll be like the first day at school - new friends (and enemies) to make and lots to learn. 

In the lead up to tomorrow’s swearing in, the Prime Minister today announced his 25 priorities. The top 25 bills he wants to see passed through the new Parliament quickly.

Unfortunately, it seems Mr Turnbull hasn’t learnt the lessons of the last term.

The priority list includes harsh cuts to Family Tax Benefits, including reducing Family Tax Benefit B for single parents whose youngest child is over 13 – a cut of around $1,700 a year.

These cuts are simply unfair - targeting families who can least afford it.

Luckily, these unfair cuts can be stopped. All we need is for the new senate crossbench to step in and vote them down.

Can you help us convince the crossbench that these cuts are unfair and need to be stopped?

You can send them a clear message on their first day - parents look after each other and we’re not going to sit by quietly while those doing it toughest are targeted to the most.