Universal Access to Kindy & Preschool is under threat again. Let’s secure funding for the long term!

Universal Access to Kindy & Preschool is under threat again. Let’s secure funding for the long term!

I call on the federal government to support our children by committing to continued funding of the Universal Access to Early Education program for kindy and preschool.

8,786 of 10,000 signatures

8,786 of 10,000 signatures

1,214 signatures required

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A national funding agreement that guarantees children access to 15 hours / week of preschool or kindy is under threat AGAIN.

Last year, more than 8,000 of you told the Government how important it is that every child has a chance to develop the early education skills they need before starting primary school.  They heard you and thanks to your signatures and feedback, the Federal Government committed to 15 hours of kindy and preschool funding through the Universal Access to Early Childhood Education program up until the end of 2015. 

However, we need to keep up the fight to have funding extended for 2016 and beyond. Now is the time to get LOUD AND ACTIVE to secure the funding once again!

Recently, it was reported that Kindy and Preschool fees could go up by 70% if the Government doesn’t recommit to the scheme.

New South Wales has just had their state election and figures show that NSW has THE WORST track record when it comes to early education. NSW spends just $193 per child on early education (compared to the state and territory average of $543) and only 73% of children are enrolled in early education (average 93%).

Despite the great campaigning effects of the Community Child Care Co-operative NSW, neither major party made any significant commitments to address the huge problem of underfunding in early education. That it why the Universal Access to Early Childhood Education program is so important, if this program was to cease, the situation in NSW would dramatically escalate.


The Universal Access to Early Childhood Education program was implemented in 2013 to ensure every child has access to quality early childhood education in the year before full-time schooling. But the $660 million in program funding is due to expire at the end of the year with no commitment it will continue into 2016 and beyond.

The early years of our children’s lives are the most formative years for their intellectual, emotional and social development. Taking away preschool funding will cheat our children of the education they need to get them ready to benefit from formal schooling.

Let’s show that parents of Australia demand continued funding for kindy and preschool.