Prime Minister Scott Morrison must take responsibility for the early learning & childcare crisis

Early learning and childcare centres are essential services, but they are being squeezed to breaking point by the COVID-19 Delta outbreak. 

Services are trying to support families in lockdown by waiving gap fees, whilst also finding the money to continue paying their educators. They can’t keep absorbing those costs indefinitely. Jobs and childcare places are in danger of being lost.

Without urgent action, many families could lose access to early learning after the lockdown, making it harder to return to work.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Federal Government must ensure centres can remain open, support families at home and retain their essential workers, as they did in last year’s lockdowns.

Investing in high quality early learning now and in the long-term will benefit children, support parents wanting to get back to work and stimulate the economy. It’s never been more important.  

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