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The Parenthood is calling on all levels of government to improve access to early childhood education and care (ECEC) in regional, rural and remote Australia.

ECEC accessibility can be tricky anywhere in Australia, but in the regions it is a real struggle to access any form of childcare. This has profound impacts on families and communities: children miss out on social, educational and health benefits; parents struggle to participate in the workforce; local economies are affected. It's not good enough.

Last year, our report, Choiceless, featured 166 stories detailing the struggles families and towns in the regions face without adequate access to childcare.

This September, we will release an updated report detailing the negative impacts lack of childcare has on children, parents, carers, towns and communities.

We want to hear what impacts the lack of access has had on you. Whether you want to share 2 sentences or 8 paragraphs, it's up to you! But we need your stories.

The more stories, the harder it is for governments to ignore this issue. The more stories, the easier it is to call for change.

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