Our Vision

A world where all children and their parents have opportunity supported by equity of access to what they need to lead healthy prosperous lives.


Who We Are

The Parenthood is a not for profit movement of Australian parents and carers working to gain positive policy changes through lobbying government and business. We represent thousands of mums, dads, grandparents and primary carers who want a voice in the issues that matter most to parents particularly relating to education, health and the support of good parenting.

The Parenthood is led by a core team of staff and supported by A diverse board with extensive experience in digital campaigning, strategic communications, movement building and the big issues facing today's children. They take responsibility for The Parenthood's long-term strategy and financial governance.



  • To actively engage and mobilise parents – to provide the opportunities to have a voice and to play a part in the public debates and decisions that influence policies (government and other) that affect the lives of parents and children.

  • To build a large movement of parents and primary carers who are advocates for issues related to children and families.

  • To be a lead voice on issues relevant to a majority of parents.


Values and ways of working

We hold the following values

  • Equity
  • Fairness
  • Integrity – encompassing accountability and transparency

The way we undertake all our work is

  • In the best interests of children and
  • inclusive of diversity



The Parenthood receives financial, in-kind and campaign support from the following organisations:


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Jo Briskey - Executive Director (on maternity leave)


Email: jo@theparenthood.org.au

Having trained as an Educational Developmental Psychologist and worked in implementing child and youth health and mental health government policy, Jo brings a wealth of experience to her role as Executive Director. Jo is mum to daughter Gwenevieve with baby number two's arrival imminent.

Elly Desmarchelier - Communications and Digital Campaigns Manager


Email: elly@theparenthood.org.au

Elly has more than five years experience working in communications and media both in government and non-government organisations. She is driven by the values of fairness and equality and hopes to make a difference in her small part of the world. When she’s not hooked to 24 hour news channels, you’ll find Elly with her two Labradors - Percy and Spencer. 

Nicole Lessio - Acting Executive Director


Email: nicole@theparenthood.org.au

Nicole is a mum of four kids - Megan, Alex, Kate & Luke - from grade 12 to kindy. She's a former high school teacher with more than a decade of campaigning experience as well as years of experience in federal and state government policy and media. Nicole is passionate about celebrating parents and helping to make it just that little bit easier to raise kids in Australia. She is Acting Executive Director while Jo is on maternity leave.