What we want in the 2024 Federal Budget in May

1. Fund a Decent Pay Rise for Early Childhood Educators & Teachers: Around 90 per cent of early childhood educators are female and they have been undervalued and underpaid for far too long. Their influence on the life trajectory of children is immense – and their wages should reflect that! 
2. Remove the Activity Test for the Child Care Subsidy: This system unfairly limits access to early childhood education and care for parents in casual or part-time work, disproportionately affecting women, low-income, and First Nations families. Eliminating this test is crucial for making early education accessible to all children, enhancing family economic security and child development.
Why It Matters: These changes would be transformative for women’s economic security and children; women comprise the vast majority of early childhood educators & teachers and it’s the workforce participation of women that is mostly limited by the Activity Test. Join us in calling for these essential changes by signing our petition (Privacy policy here).


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We want loads of things but ahead of this year's Budget we REALLY want the Albanese government to do TWO things:

1. Fund a decent pay rise for early childhood educators & teachers

2. Remove the Activity Test for the Child Care Subsidy