Regional, Rural and Remote Families Deserve Better!

Finding a spot in early learning and care can be tricky anywhere in Australia, but it is especially so for families living in regional, rural and remote areas.

The 2022 Mitchell Institute report Deserts and oases: How accessible is childcare? found that 50% of families in regional areas and around 80% of families in remote neighbourhoods are stranded in ‘childcare deserts’ (an area where there are 3+ children for every available position).

Our latest report, 'Choiceless: The plight of parents in accessing regional, rural and remote early learning and care' supports this data. In 166 stories and case studies from across the country, regional, rural and remote families and community members share their struggles due to inaccessible childcare. Read the report here.

We know that this issue will not go away until governments step in and improve accessibility.