Access For Every Child: Regional, Rural & Remote

Access to early learning services is notably challenging in Australia's regional areas, and has ripple effects on entire communities. Children are deprived of educational, social, health and wellbeing benefits while parents face difficulties in securing employment due to the lack of local childcare options. This shortage leads to workforce deficits and economic decline in some regions.

The Federal Government has committed to a universal early education system. That means every child - regardless of location - can access affordable, high-quality early learning services. Achieving this will require a tailored approach that includes collaboration with state, territory, and local governments, and community.

We have formed a broad and powerful coalition of like-minded stakeholders, an alliance of 52 organisations who are calling on governments to ensure every single child has access to early childhood education and care, no matter where they live.

On May 28 2024, as the Access for Every Child Coalition, we released a joint statement calling on the Federal Government to implement six actions to ensure all children in regional, rural and remote areas receive equitable access to early education:

  1. Implement strong public management of the ECEC system in collaboration with state and territory governments
  2. Offer a range of supply-side subsidies for ECEC providers in rural and remote areas
  3. Invest in quality Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled integrated early years services in rural and remote areas
  4. Implement a regional, rural and remote national workforce strategy including culturally safe training for First Nations educators
  5. Improve family day care and in home care provision
  6. Provide interim solutions Federal Government can’t implement these actions without the support of the State and Territory Governments, who we will be briefing across June-August this year.

We need your help to show we’re serious - by sending your local state politicians an email about the joint statement.

It’s super easy - with a customisable template - and won’t take more than two minutes. If you agree that every child regardless of their location, should have access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education and care, send an email to your local politician here.