The Parenthood Newsletter February

Dear friends and supporters,

In news that is unlikely to surprise - but may trigger dread - it turns out that out of pocket fees for early childhood education and care have – once again – risen sharply. At twice the rate of inflation for other goods and services. 😬👎🏻😬

Prices in Sydney and Brisbane are now the highest they've ever been; parents across Australia are caught in a trap of rising fees and government-provided subsidies that fail to keep up.

It's more proof the current subsidy model is failing; children, parents and early educators need urgent, major reform.

If this is an issue you care about fixing join The Parenthood today. The more voices, the better!

On the same note we have two great opportunities for you to make your voice heard and be counted. The 6th Annual Summer Survey is open and tracks parent's views and experiences with the early learning system. It's quick, easy and completely anonymous! 

And Thrive By Five's CEO Jay Weatherill is off to Canberra in two weeks to tell politicians why we're campaigning for universal access to high quality early education for all children. So far more than 100 families have told him their stories about why we need this reform and there is still time for him to tell your story. 

Thanks for your commitment - together we can make change happen!

Georgie Dent

Help us shape early learning in Australia!

The Smart Start campaign fights for an early learning system that works for all Australian families. Have your say in the 6th Annual Summer Survey and let us know your views on Australia's early learning system.
Is it too expensive? How is the quality? Which improvements would you like to see?
Please take a moment and have your say in the 6th Annual Summer Survey. It's quick, easy and completely anonymous! Together we can shape early learning in Australia for the better!


The CEO of Thrive by Five, Jay Weatherill, is going to Parliament in February, and meeting with ministers and MPs to talk to them about the early learning and care system. You are an important part of this. As a supporter of The Parenthood, Jay is asking you to tell him what he should say to MPs and ministers when he meets with them.